Saboteur White

Saboteur White

2015 was the maiden vintage of the Saboteur White blend, created to partner the successful Saboteur Red blend.

Niels set out to make a white blend that was both serious and refreshing. It’s a Chenin Blanc based blend with different percentages of Viognier and Blanc Fumé, depending on the vintage. And it turns out that this new wine, with its new closure and new packaging, was an excellent tribute to the Saboteurs…it sold out within 3 days.

The grapes for the Saboteur range are sourced from Bot River and the neighbouring wine regions, making it a wine of origin Cape South Coast. Although the blends varied in 2016 and 2017, the vintages have lived up to the precedent set by the maiden vintage and have received great reviews (and excellent sales!).

Drink them and be inspired!


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