Luddite Chenin 2023

Luddite Chenin 2023

This year we experimented with a bit more time on skins. This has given the midpalate a bit more texture and palate weight even though the alcohol has remained low. Normal house style keeping it simple; crush, destalk and allowing it to naturally ferment in open fermenters.

Once fermentation starts, we punch down twice a day to keep the ferment homogenous. After fermentation, we seal the bins and allow post maceration for as long as we can sleep comfortably without wondering what’s happening inside the bins. This vintage took 25 days on skins before our nerves broke. We press directly to barrel with as much sediment as possible. This allows the wine to fill out and add texture with our regular batonnaging.

This year is a bit quirkier than most. Darker colour due to the extended skin contact and just a hint of flor to add more to an already multidimensional wine. The palate is bold and weighty, even though the wine’s alcohol is below 12% like previous years. Unfortunately, 2023 was rather dry and so we have less wine this year. Our Chenin still remains a very thought-provoking wine.

Grapes were sourced from Luddite vineyard sites:

House Block harvested on 26th January 2023

Dog Block harvested on 31st January 2023

Average analysis of fruit at harvest

20.0° Balling, TA – 6.2 g/l, pH – 3.45

Tasting Notes as at 22nd February 2024:

Appearance: Rich, golden yellow in colour due to extended skin contact.

Nose: Green melons, spice, savoury white fruit with a hint of honey.

Palate: Hint of savoury flor on entry with peaches, spice and telltale Luddite Chenin saltiness on the finish. Good acidity balances the palate from start to finish. Very thought-provoking.

Analysis of the wine

Alcohol: 11.8% pH: 3.6 TA: 5.7 g/l RS: 1.4 g/l

1 570 bottles of this vintage were produced.

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