Luddite Chenin 2022

Much excitement as we are almost back to normal volumes. This has come about with the new House Block in full production and luckily giving us the quality we need for our Chenin Blanc. Normal house style keeping it simple; crush, destalk and allowing it to naturally ferment in open fermenters.

Once fermentation starts, we punch down twice a day to keep the ferment homogenous. After fermentation, we seal the bins and allow post maceration for as long as we can sleep comfortably without wondering what’s happening inside the bins. This vintage took 22 days on skins before our nerves broke. We press directly to barrel with as much sediment as possible. This allows the wine to fill out and add texture with our regular batonnaging.

The Chenin is an outlet for the geek in Niels, allowing him to remember himself as a stamp collector. Precise, patient but allowing the wine to speak for itself. The 2022 vintage is showing unbelievable balance and elegance, yet still showing lovely palate-weight even though the wine’s alcohol is below 12%. Our Chenin still remains a very thought-provoking wine.

Grapes were sourced from Luddite vineyard sites:

House Block harvested on 8th February 2022

Dog Block harvested on 9th February 2022

Dog Block harvested on 23rd February 2022 (late pick)

Average analysis of fruit at harvest

20.5° Balling, TA – 6.8 g/l, pH – 3.3

Tasting Notes as at 1st March 2023:

Appearance: Rich, pale straw in colour.

Nose: Citrus blossom, spice and fromage. After a while, nose opens up to give hints of white fruit and the slightest touch of honey wax.

Palate: Fresh lean entry. Very dry mid-palate with grapefruit pithiness, green plums and white fruit. The finish is long, lean and salty.

Analysis of the wine

Alcohol: 11.82% pH: 3.49 TA: 5.5 g/l RS: 1.2 g/l

2 500 bottles of this vintage were produced.

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